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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Sep 24, 2019

Teaching our children about themselves, and helping them learn appropriate skills for interacting with others, especially those in special populations, is the focus of today’s show. It is also the subject of a new book being released today, by Caroline Maguire, and titled, Why Will No One Play with Me?: The Play Better Plan to Help Children of All Ages Make Friends and Thrive. Join Vickie, Amanda, and Caroline as they discuss the book and the results that you will be able to get out of it.

Caroline is an ADHD coach, author, speaker, and mother of two beautiful children, who started her own journey of self-discovery when she was diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities when in the 6th grade. Learning coping techniques as a young child has given her valuable insight into the population she now chooses to coach.

Show Highlights:

  • “They would if they could.”
  • Trust your gut if you observe your child not having the skills to make new friends or adapt to a new group.
  • Our goal in life for social is that they’re happy and well-adjusted, and able to go out and do the things they need to do, to have choices.
  • There is a tool in the book called, “Flavors of Friendship”, which teaches an easy way to have hard conversations. This covers 2 things heard most from parents:
  • Tell me who their friends are, because they don’t have any friends.
  • The kids who think they have a lot of friends, but they’re just acquaintances or people they say ‘hello’ to.
  • Introverts may only want a friend or two, but they should have the skillset to make that choice.
  • Caroline discusses the type of child who is most likely to be bullied, and the actions we should take.
  • Caroline’s goal in writing this book, and the one thing she saw missing from other parenting books, was sharing the “how” behind the tips.
  • Explaining the reason behind a request can change a non-compliant child into a compliant one.
  • The technique used in this book is called “open questions”, and is used by all life coaches. For example, you might ask, “What makes this important to you?” Even little children have reasons for everything. They can sometimes be illogically logical!



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Why Will No One Play with Me?: The Play Better Plan to Help Children of All Ages Make Friends and Thrive, by Caroline Maguire


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