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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Apr 30, 2019

Approaching an Inclusive Educational Program can be intimidating if you don’t know what’s going on. That’s why there are people like Brandie Rosen, Special Education Consultant, to help break it down for you. 

Brandie helps families navigate special education and structures a specialized plan that benefits and flows specifically for individuals. To hear more about approaching IEP’s and the tactics used to educate parents on their children’s needs, join special education attorneys, Vickie and Amanda, on this episode of the IEP Podcast.  

Show Highlights: 

  • Different kinds of special education consultants and what they do
  • How Brandie got involved in special education 
  • Helping families become knowledgeable about IEP’s 
  • Building lifelong relationships between administrators and families 
  • Setting clear expectations 
  • Finding ways to approach the situation that appeases everyone 
  • Looking at IEP’s to connect the dots 
  • Explaining procedures and taking things one step further 
  • Having visual examples to propose goals 
  • Giving parents a toolbox 
  • Having compassion and being understanding of families’ experiences 
  • Making sure they’re ready to be part of the team and go out into the real world 
  • Success stories 
  • Developing a program and moving forward 

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

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