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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Aug 13, 2019

Giving children ways to communicate functionally, socially, and academically is the passion of our two guests today. We’re going to learn about multi-disciplinary pediatric therapy, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech & language; the target age for early intervention, myths regarding speech therapy, and so much more on today’s podcast.

Hilary and Kaylie are Speech and Language Therapists from Infinity Kids in Lake Forest, California. Listen in as Amanda, Vickie, Hilary, and Kaylie discuss both low-tech, as well as high-tech, modes of communication.

Show Highlights:

  • Early intervention is important (2-5 years old)
  • Be cautious about a “wait and see” tactic
  • AAC - Alternative and Augmentative Communication 
  • Hilary and Kaylie address myths surrounding speech therapy.
  • “Communication First” is their motto.
  • Different modalities of communication include signing, gesturing, PECS board, communication board, even an eye-gaze, depending on what they have access to.
  • What does the child want, and what can they do?
  • Even small victories are victories and cause for celebration.
  • Natural speech is always the goal, but patience is needed while the child builds their sentence while utilizing an AAC.
  • LAMP Words for Life (LAMP - Language Acquisition through Motor Planning)
  • Amanda and Vickie test the AAC, and Hilary and Kaylie discuss its benefits and features.



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