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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Mar 26, 2019

Did you know that the IQ test is one way to understand the potential for growth? Today is part two of coming back from the COPAA Conference. The need for knowing what a child’s potential for growth will be and how we determine that can be found one way - by your IQ. Every child should have the chance to meet challenging objectives. Not only do you need goals, but you need to know all the information before the goals are met. Join us today to discover how current testing levels help drive future goals.


Show Highlights:

  • A quick reminder of part one - go back and listen if you haven’t
  • How court cases could take many years
  • Knowing who is in the lower courts and how that is important
  • Making sure all children have a chance in school
  • The practical aspect of attorneys in other areas helping towards great goals
  • Workshops on the Endrew F case
  • What the law says about an ambitious goal
  • Progress is more important than the end goal
  • Goals drive services, and services drive placement and you need present testing levels  to get to all possible services
  • Certain terminology to be used at IEP meetings


Resources Mentioned in the Show:

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