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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Jul 16, 2019

Chances are, you or someone you love has been the victim of bullying. Bullying isn’t confined to special education students, or even youth, these days: it is also experienced among peers and in the workplace. 

Bullying is a form of psychological and physical harassment that has immediate consequences and lasting mental health effects.

Join Amanda and Vickie as they delve into this rampant practice, the changes that Instagram is implementing to counter it, and discussion on how it can be stopped.

Show Highlights:

  • Definition of “bullying": seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce someone perceived as vulnerable.
  • CDC & US Department of Education has published a number of studies on bullying and defines bullying as “repeated threats, physical or verbal attacks, rumors, and exclusion”. 
  • Bullying is considered a type of psychological as well as physical harassment that is linked to various mental health challenges.
  • “Cyber-bullying” takes place over digital devices and can occur through email, text, social media, or other applications.
  • Cause and effect of bullying are immediate.
  • The error of thinking this is a “snowflake” issue, i.e., being “too sensitive”.
  • Bullying is a serious threat to children and adults.
  • Whatever happened to “The Golden Rule” that used to be taught in elementary schools?
  • There are currently no formal federal laws that address bullying. There are a number of laws in place that place obligations on schools, but most are for discrimination against protected populations.
  • Freedom of speech?
  • The state of California has anti-bullying laws but the enforcement aspect is lacking.
  • The link between artificial intelligence and changing policies at Instagram
  • What is important to protect with free speech vs hate crimes



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Time Magazine: “Inside Instagram's War on Bullying”