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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Dec 24, 2019

Amanda and Vickie have a special treat for you! They were granted permission to replay their time being interviewed by The Lucky Few Podcast.

It was an amazing conversation and one you don’t want to miss!

Show Highlights:

  • The Inclusive Education Project is a non-profit that provides education, training, and pro-bono advocacy for families across California.
  • The Inclusive Education Project’s podcast strives to change the conversation about education and disability rights.
  • The Inclusive Education Project partners with the community (parent groups and organizations that work with the community) to provide presentations and workshops to get the word out about legal rights and the way we look at children with disabilities.
  • Amanda and Vickie provide the backstory of the Inclusive Education Project.
  • Amanda and Vickie cover the most common problems that they see in the special education system that they address with their clients.
  • Some of the best advice they can give to parents is to make sure that the IEP is very clear. It is supposed to be written in such a way that anybody can pick it up and understand exactly what is supposed to happen.
  • The role of the program specialist or coordinator on your IEP team is to determine the follow-up steps, who is doing them, and then to make sure they’re followed through. However, it’s often up to the parents, an advocate, or an attorney to be the accountability police.
  • If something that’s happening differently for your child and not for the other children in the classroom then it should be in the IEP.
  • Amanda and Vickie address the reasonable number of IEP meetings per school year, how much time is reasonable to implement changes, and transitional periods.


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This podcast is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal advice specific to your circumstances. If you need help with any legal matters, be sure to consult with an attorney regarding your specific needs.

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