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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Dec 18, 2019

Amanda and Vickie sit down with Jenn Zehenni, Founder of TeachPlayLearn on today’s episode.

TeachPlayLearn is an educational concierge service that focuses on collaboration, not competition. Jenn makes education a unique way of connecting professionals, and she nurtures a love of learning through the TeachPlayLearn, which allows play to be the connector between teaching and learning. 

Listen in to find out more about this company that helps match your family with the perfect services, products, or schools, whether public, private, or homeschool.

Show Highlights:

  • “Are You In A Moment of More?” Jenn shares the philosophy behind the question.
  • The goal of TeachPlayLearn is to bring peace of mind to families by simplifying the process of navigating unfamiliar educational situations with more ease.
  • Jenn covers some scenarios in which TeachPlayLearn assists families, such as integrating academic and creative subjects. 
  • Amanda, Vickie, and Jenn discuss how every moment presents a teachable opportunity.
  • It’s essential to learn how someone learns, and go from there.
  • Nurturing the love of learning helps kids to see the bigger picture.
  • Individuals who have learning differences aren’t necessarily lazy or unable to learns skills, it just takes them longer to learn.
  • There’s a parallel between the educational system and the medical field whereby only the symptoms are treated, and not the root of the problem.
  • An educational entrepreneur is an “edupreneur”, which is a passion project of Jenn’s: using education as a vehicle for change.


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