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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Oct 9, 2018

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Show Notes

Reading comprehension and language processing affects a child’s overall ability to learn. Knowing this, we wanted to focus on learning about reading strategies and restructuring the learning environment in this episode.

We’re joined by Adrian Ojeda, Director at the Palos Verdes and Long Beach Lindamood-Bell centers. Adrian joins us to discuss the importance of reading strategies and cognitive processes in schools in helping ensure children learn the best way according to their unique learning abilities. Adrian explains that learning to read can address potential underlying problems with academic issues and can help teachers and parents recognize gaps in cognitive processes. Helping a child learn how to read helps him/her succeed in other aspects of their academic and social lives.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • Why is learning difficult for some children and not others?
  • What are cognitive process and what do they have to do with the way children learn?
  • How Lindamood-Bell tutors attempt to fix the problem behind academic issues
  • How having basic reading comprehension skills can have an effect on the child’s whole perspective of the English language
  • How language processing deficiencies can lead to deficiencies in peer interaction, athletic events and everyday functions
  • How restructuring the learning environment around the child can help minimize or eliminate the need for constant remediation
  • What are some strategies that teachers can use to help students with learning deficiencies? How can they help bridge that gap?
  • What are some tools that may be helpful for teachers and parents in getting the student excited about reading?
  • What is a Lexile level and how can you decode it to figure out where your child falls on the spectrum?
  • What is the difference between fluency and stamina in relation to reading?
  • Help your child identify their mistakes while reading, rather than giving them the answer

Resources Mentioned:

Lindamood-Bell in Palos Verdes and Long Beach

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