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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Jul 2, 2019

In today’s episode, Amanda and Vickie chat with special guest, Brennan Lund, a former 8th grade English private school teacher who eventually went on to law school. Today’s discussion covers autistic and other “Opportunities Track” students in the private school setting and ideas on helping them to communicate their needs and excel in class. 


Brennan became a teacher because he had a heart for kids. He truly enjoyed seeing kids succeed, but decided to further his education in law school as a way to get more knowledge under his belt and to help students in a more impactful way.


We are so happy to be back this week and have some really great episodes lined up over the next few weeks!


Also, we are looking for a Speech and Language Pathologist to interview, please DM us for more information. If you are a public school teacher, active or retired, we would like to talk to you, as well! If you would prefer to stay anonymous, we can work with that.


Don’t miss an upcoming very special event, we will be making an announcement over the summer!



Show Highlights:

  • “Opportunities Track” for special needs students in private schools
  • Nobody likes English class!
  • Talking to autistic students after class instead of during class
  • Prepping them for tomorrow’s discussion by sharing the questions you’ll be asking them and go over what they might say
  • Gives them time to think on it and prevent shutting down, instills confidence
  • Having them write out what they will say is also helpful
  • People have different definitions of accommodation
  • Preparation for going from private school to public school 
  • The relevance of a yellow sticky note: a non-verbal request for help
  • Disregard the label, figure out the actual problem
  • Teaching for ALL kids, because no 2 kids learn the same
  • Coping mechanisms a child has learned
  • Important to look at different teaching styles to figure out the right accommodations
  • Having a student’s teachers talk to each other to see what is working and what is not
  • Disconnect from junior high to high school
  • Calibrating to individual difficulties
  • When accommodations are used as a crutch
  • Putting a personal touch on school work




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