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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Mar 19, 2019

We all marvel at how people with disabilities adapt to push through barriers they have. Today episode is part one after coming back from the COPA Conference. The keynote speaker was Haben Girma, a Civil Rights advocate and the first deaf-blind student to graduate from Harvard Law School. There are social and economic barriers in the world. Listen in today and hear how we can help spread the word on these issues to help overcome some of the barriers.

Don’t forget to join us next week as well for Part 2 of this conversation!


Show Highlights:

  • Bribery in the education system
  • Article on the Why The College Admissions Scandal Hurts Students With Disabilities
  • Haben Girma and her barriers that exist that she wants to be removed
  • Haben proves that learning and using braille is successful 
  • The purpose of this podcast, getting as much information out there as possible
  • It shouldn’t be just one size fits all
  • One session they went to at COPAA with Jack Robinson
  • How can kids advance grade to grade
  • Mastery of skills from grade level to grade level
  • Children with Disabilities and how IEP feels about them in normal classrooms


Resources Mentioned in the Show:


Why The College Admissions Scandal Hurts Students With Disabilities Article


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