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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Jan 2, 2018

In order to understand why our education systems and laws are the way they are, it’s important to explore how they were formed and how they are currently enforced. In this episode, Vickie and I chat about the basics of our federal and state education laws and how the two work together to create your student’s education system. 

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • How the US is unique with its federal education system
  • The interaction and connection between State laws and Federal laws
  • The structure of enforcement of Federal laws in the various states
  • How the federal education system protects the right to education for every student
  • What agency is responsible for enforcing education laws in each state
  • Discrimination against students living with disabilities is prohibited in public schools, but what about private schools?
  • What is a SELPA and does your student’s school district have one?
  • How schools are funded, specifically for programs geared towards students with disabilities, and how the monies are spent
  • Are funding laws outdated?
  • The conflicts between State and Federal laws, specifically as they relate to state teacher tenure laws

Resources Mentioned:

US DOE website – mission statement

Office for Civil Rights website

Department of Justice website

California Department of Education website

Special Education Local Plan Areas (SELPAs)

Legislative Analyst’s Office website

AB 602

Voice of San Diego article – Maria Srikrishnan, “When it comes to special education in Ca schools, funding is very unequal”

California Brown Act

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