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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Aug 6, 2019

If you or your child struggle with learning and attention challenges, including dyslexia, auditory processing disorders, and diagnosed or undiagnosed learning differences, you don’t want to miss today’s podcast with special guest, Jill Stowell. Amanda, Vickie, and Jill cover lots of territory, including cognitive training, differential learners, the science behind the programs, and the types of learners her programs are best suited for. This is a program that is good for high functioning students not reaching their potential.

Jill is the Founder and Executive Director of Stowell Learning Centers, with 4 locations in Southern California: Chino, Irvine, Pasadena, and in the fall, Thousand Oaks. Jill has a background as a special education teacher who so loved this talented, bright, creative, and often misunderstood population, that she knew they would be her focus when she went into private practice.

Show Highlights:

  • Jill discusses higher functioning children who are not reaching their potential.
  • The goal is to figure out what is at the root of the particular concerns and what to do to change that.
  • Both formal, standardized testing and informal testing to explore the underlying skills, as well as academic skills, are performed.
  • Students become “comfortable, independent learners”, meaning that they work at their potential, and their grade level, without outside help.
  • Evidence-based science and clinically researched programs encourage the brain to develop new, and more effective neurological pathways.
  • The target population is struggling students and inefficient learners, even those who make good grades.
  • The science behind, and the benefits of, re-training how information is processed.



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