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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Feb 6, 2018

As a parent, you (sometimes along with your child) must decide whether a diploma or a certificate of completion is what's best for your child. In this episode, we’re discussing the difference between the two, the requirements of each, and help shed light on how parents can make that decision.

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What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • What does "graduating" mean for a student living with a disability?
  • What are the diploma requirements in California specifically? 
  • Why a certificate of completion allows for more flexibility
  • Can you still apply to college with a certificate of completion?
  • What about financial aid: does a student need to have a diploma or a certificate?
  • Graduating from high school doesn’t automatically mean the student is exiting from the IEP
  • What impact the Senate Bill had on the elimination of the CA High School Exit Exam
  • What are the pros of receiving a certificate of completion?
  • Can a student switch from a certificate track to a diploma track?
  • What questions should parents ask themselves to make the determination as to what track the student should be on?
  • What can be included in a student’s IEP regarding the two tracks?



Senate Bill 172 

UCLA Pathway program

Costa Mesa – College Living Experience

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