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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Dec 5, 2017

What’s the difference between full inclusion and mainstreaming? In this episode, we discuss some of the differences between the two in hopes of offering insight for parents who want to ensure their child(ren) receive the proper curriculum suitable for their needs.

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What You’ll learn in this Episode:

  • The meaning of full inclusion and mainstream education and how to tell the difference between the two
  • What does LRE (Least Restrictive Environment) have to do with full inclusion and what do parents need to look for?
  • How a child with special education needs can still be fully integrated into a general classroom while still addressing his or her needs outside of this classroom
  • How can positive behavior of peers in a general education class affect the overall learning experience for the child with special education needs?
  • If a child is being integrated into a general education program but at a slower pace year after year, are they really being integrated properly?
  • Fully integrated Education systems versus Segregated Education systems
  • How the cost-analysis often plays a big part in whether or not a child is going to get fully integrated
  • How can making this decision affect the community as a whole?
  • How mainstreaming should be carried out and what subjects in the curriculum should be mainstreamed and what should not
  • The top 5 benefits of either mainstreaming or full inclusion and how to achieve them

Resources Mentioned:

Chime Charter Elementary

Meeting the Needs of Special Education Students: Recommendations for the Race-to-the-Top Consortia and States” research report by Martha Thurlow, Rachel Quenemoen, and Sheryl Lazarus.

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