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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Dec 12, 2017

For the first half of this episode, we’re joined by Vickie’s cousin, Kenneth Rubi. Ken is an adult living with Autism and he joins us to share a little bit of his experience as a child and then as an adult living with a disability. After the interview, Vickie and I chat about the importance of student involvement in IEP planning meetings and explore situations where they shouldn’t be there. We also dive into who else can be present at IEP meetings and why they belong there. 

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What We Cover in this Episode:

  • What school was like for Ken when he was growing up, before political correctness became a thing
  • How teachers responded to having Ken in their classrooms
  • What it was like for Ken to be part of the IEP team when he was a student
  • Getting passed over for a promotion and how that felt for Ken
  • Why person-first language is the appropriate language to use
  • Why it’s important for the student to be involved in the IEP planning meeting (and when they shouldn’t be there!)
  • Who else should be present at IEP meetings?

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