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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Dec 31, 2019

Amanda and Vickie have another special treat for you!

They were granted permission to replay their time being interviewed by Anne Fricke, from the “Walking With Freya; A Journey Through Special Needs Parenting” podcast.

It was a fun conversation and you’re going to enjoy this!

Show Highlights:

  • Amanda and Vickie...

Dec 24, 2019

Amanda and Vickie have a special treat for you! They were granted permission to replay their time being interviewed by The Lucky Few Podcast.

It was an amazing conversation and one you don’t want to miss!

Show Highlights:

  • The Inclusive Education Project is a non-profit that provides education, training, and pro-bono...

Dec 18, 2019

Amanda and Vickie sit down with Jenn Zehenni, Founder of TeachPlayLearn on today’s episode.

TeachPlayLearn is an educational concierge service that focuses on collaboration, not competition. Jenn makes education a unique way of connecting professionals, and she nurtures a love of learning through the TeachPlayLearn,...

Dec 10, 2019

Today’s guest takes us on a fascinating and educational journey into ableism,  the study of disabilities and prejudices of disabilities.

Dr. Michelle Nario-Redmond, a social psychologist at Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio, joins Amanda and Vickie to discuss changing people’s perceptions about disability.

Michelle is...

Dec 3, 2019

Michelle Sullivan joins Amanda and Vickie on today’s episode. 

Michelle is a warrior mom whose advocacy was inspired by her son, Eli, who has Down’s Syndrome, to found Littlest Warrior Apparel and to write a book entitled Eli, Included, which is a fictional story about Eli's first day of school. 

Are you ready to be...