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Inclusive Education Project Podcast

Jan 9, 2018

When should a parent reach out to a special education attorney as opposed to an IEP advocate? In this episode, Amanda and I, along with IEP advocate and law student, Victoria Lucero, cover the top 10 instances when a special education attorney is the appropriate person to help you and your child.  

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What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • We chat with our guest, IEP advocate Victoria Lucero and hear about her background and what led her to going to law school.
  • Our intern Victoria offers her insight from an IEP advocate perspective while Amanda and I offer ours from a lawyer's perspective on the following instances:
    • If the child is struggling in school
    • If the child is being bullied
    • When a parent asks for intervention, but the school is non-responsive
    • When a district refuses services during an IEP meeting
    • If the parent leaves IEP meetings more confused than they were before
    • When the parent feels alone during meetings even when there are several people on the IEP team
    • When a parent isn’t a native English-speaker
    • During disciplinary actions like suspension or expulsion
    • When a parent unilaterally places their child in a private school, non-public school, or private agency for tutoring


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